About Crism Technologies

Crism Technologies Limited is part of Crism Limited Group of Companies.

Crism Limited has been in Automotive Sales and Service since 1998 and has since expanded to include, but not limited to:

  • Importation of QUALITY USED and NEW vehicles.
  • CRISM services all makes and models of Japanese cars in our DEALERSHIP ALTERNATIVE AUTO CENTRE
  • CRISM rents cars !
  • CRISM supplies and imports parts for any Japanese car !
  • CRISM does minor body repairs for those bumps and scrapes !
  • CRISM performs interior and exterior detailing and cleaning !
  • CRISM supplies and installs AUTOWATCH Auto Security !
  • CRISM can list your car for sale when you want to sell it, LOCAL USED VEHICLES !

Under our Sister Company AUTOWATCHONLINE.COM, Crism was able to bring to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago the first Automotive Alarm System fitted with an Anti Hi Jack Feature.

Continuing along the lines of a Safer and Secure lifestyle we have launched CRISMTECH, offering Home, Automotive and Personal security devices.

12 Diego Martin Main Road, La Puerta Junction, Deigo Martin
Phone: (868) 632-7110/7111
Fax: (868) 633-1815
Email: Email: cctv@crismtech.com
Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm | Saturday: 9am-1pm